Importance of Removal from Play following Concussion

One of the main tenets of state concussion laws passed around the U.S. in the last decade has typically been mandatory removal from play for athletes following a suspected concussion.  Now two studies published in the last year demonstrate one of the reasons why this is so important. The first study, published in the Journal[…]

The Psychological Impact of Concussion(s) on Student-Athletes

  Over the last few months I believe we have all observed an increase in the number of student-athletes undergoing concussion evaluations and protocols compared to previous years and more and more professional and student-athletes are being required to sit out. This is certainly a step in the right direction and, if we continue to[…]

Cognitive Behavior Therapy for PCS

Up until a few years ago, I could readily admit that prolonged concussion recoveries were often influenced by mental health concerns, but had some difficulty in addressing those issues. The glaring problem back then was a lack of coordinated resources and minimal professional collaboration between physicians and mental health professionals. My ability to confidently suggest[…]

Scholarship Status and Pre-Existing Injury

When asked about unique challenges in the world of collegiate sport medicine and concussions for 2016, I am reminded of a conversation with a Head Division 1 Certified Athletic Trainer colleague that took place just a few months ago.  We were discussing the influence of both past history and current concussions on scholarship status, namely[…]

Cal AB 2182: Forgets Most Crucial Player in High School Concussion Management

I’m going to applaud the intent of California AB 2182 to help identify and protect high school athletes dealing with concussions. I’m also going to applaud the sensible decision by legislatures to put the brakes on a state-wide implementation and rather request a smaller pilot program instead. Now, I’m going to stop clapping and start[…]