Catching Up with Briana Scurry

We are excited to announce a new segment with former Women’s National Team goalkeeper, Briana Scurry! You can now ask Bri questions and have her answer them in her next video.  Please use #AskScurry to submit your questions via social media. Below is Bri’s first video in which she updates her current health following Occipital[…]

Awareness is Crucial

Published:  July 28, 2014 Recently, I spoke at an event where a “heads-up” father told me a chilling story.  A few months ago, he was at his son’s weekly football game.  That’s American football, the one with the helmets, pads, mouth guards, and the high speed collisions.  Just to clarify, I am a huge football[…]

Plea to FIFA

Published:  June 28, 2014 Editor’s Note:  Briana’s entry was released prior to USA/Germany game and will not mention the collision between USA players Jones and Bedoya Wow!! What an exciting and surprising 2014 World Cup it’s been so far!!  Great players carrying their individual teams, new heroes emerging on the big stage right before our eyes,[…]