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scurryLet’s talk Pro Sports, shall we?

If you are anything like me after a long summer you are Ready For Some Football!!  I know I am! I’ve been a huge fan of American football since I was a toddler.  I actually played tackle (Pop Warner) football with the pads, helmets, and cleats in 4th and 5th grade. I loved it! That was until my mom abruptly put a stop to it when I was going into the 6th grade and would have had to move up to the next division and play with guys that had 30-40 lbs on me.  Mom wasn’t having that! She was being protective, gotta love her for it!!

I like several teams, but my favorite NFL team is the New England Patriots. Pats are my all time favorite because I went to college in MA so I feel connected. A few Superbowl wins doesn’t hurt either! My other favorite team is the Washington Redskins, that’s because my dad liked them.  So I was watching a preseason game this weekend and former Patriot wide receiver Wes Welker, who was Tom Brady’s go to guy and one of my favorite players, suffered a concussion from an obvious hit to the head and neck area. Apparently, it was at least his third concussion in the last 10 months.

Welker had been fitted with a special helmet after suffering a hit to the head last season that kept him out 5 weeks. I’m not so sure that special helmet could have helped.  Have a look for yourself:–wes-welker-suffered-third-concussion-in-10-months-044036742.html;_ylt=AwrBJR.TU_5TjFIACIvQtDMD

The good news is Wes Welker is under strict supervision and is reportedly recovering well.

Here is why this situation is significant.  The referee’s immediately threw flags on the play and called a personal foul… 15 yards! Wes came out of the game. Period!

Simple as that.  Now to me that’s great progress because just 5 years ago that exact hit, which was with the shoulder pad to the head not a helmet to helmet spear, might not have been called at all. The changes that the NFL has made are to protect the players and to make the game safer for everyone. Some would argue that the defensive players are at a huge disadvantage because they can’t always control ‘where’ they hit someone.

Well guess what?

The rules are the rules! If the defense doesn’t want to be called for personal fouls on every drive or get fined after the game is reviewed then they MUST learn and adjust! Over time they will.

And that is all there is to it.  Simple, right?  When people really desire change and speak loudly and frequently enough change can and will occur.  The NFL, NHL, and MLB are making changes to how their game is being played. Good for you NFL ,it’s a start in the right (safety first) direction.  FIFA , soccer’s governing body, should take a lesson from the NFL.

In the meantime…GO PATS!!

One thought on “Scurry Talks Wes Welker

  • I agree completely! The rules have changed and players are more protected than they were even 2 years ago. The biggest problem that I see that still exists is that the protection of the players seems to only occur past the line of scrimmage. An example is from last week’s Ravens-Redskins preseason game where Bernard Pierce was hit behind the line with a shoulder/head and was removed from the game due to a concussion. No flag on the play! Just my thoughts.

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